Day 1 at Day Care

I came home to a quiet house and I realized I didn’t have to whisper to Victor. Kids were not home or taking a nap. Just a little while ago, we dropped the kiddos off at a day care center for the very first time. This is a huge milestone for us and it deserved to be written about here in my diary blog.

Our twins have been the very center of our lives for the past 19 plus months every single moment of every single day. Our lives have changed drastically is an understatement. Many of us experience parenthood and it is very special to all of us in one way or another. For us, it was important that we raised them with extended family, so we have literally picked up and left the country and moved to another to be closer to my family. These kids have brought so much joy to all of our lives that are involved, since the moment they made their appearance. I feel overwhelmed with so much appreciation and joy everyday, words can’t begin to describe these emotions.

Parenthood is a strange thing for me. I knew that I was the one who would grow and expand as a spiritual human being from this experience and so far, it’s definitely exceeding my expectations. I know these kids came with their own agenda and expectations also and when mixing it up with the environment they’re in, they’re shaping their own set of personalities or karma. Karma is an interesting concept – I am currently reading a book about it written by Sadhguru, more on that at a later time.

Well, Day 1 came and went. They didn’t cry when we dropped them off and seemed happy and excited to see us back when we picked them up merely 3 hours later. They seem to handle new people and places really well because we have already exposed them to a lot of people and taken them to so many different places from the very beginning of their short lives. It is time for us to start getting used to not having them around all the time and figuring out what’s next to do.

I am definitely getting really excited about the new possibilities.






Family is What Matters Most (家族がこの世で一番大切)

This is a big topic. My family is and has always been very close, mentally and emotionally. Now we are physically close living right next to each other. After being away from my family for 30 years, having family is what I appreciate the most every single day.


Niece Himeko with Maika (姪っ子ヒメ子と娘マイカ)

I appreciated family while I was away living in the US also. Without their support, life would not have been as meaningful. Now that I am here physically with them, the meaning it brings is indescribable. The joy and love that our twin toddlers brings to my parents, sister, nephews and niece bounces right back to me and fills me up like nothing else. This is what I was looking forward to experiencing when I decided to come home.


We celebrated my sister’s becoming “independent” (妹の独立宣言祝い)

We have had family dinners like Thanksgiving 3 times already in the last two weeks since I have been home. Logistically, it is very easy as each family unit (myself, sister’s and parents’) make a few dishes each and can easily have 6-12 dishes on the table, which is a feast. Great time to finish up the leftovers too! We like to have drinks with our dinner and it is usually some combination of beer, wine, and chu-hai or vodka soda (lemon flavored). I would say the person who can hold their liquor the most is my 72 year old mother😅


I feel so blessed to have such a happy, healthy and loving family to share life moments with.