Sam’s Home Bakery (サムズホームベーカリー)

In the last several years, I have been asking this question repeatedly;

“If I have a gazillion dollars and I don’t ever have to work for money, what would I want to do?” 

My opening the business of Health and Wellness offering acupuncture and yoga was definitely born out of this same question. 

Not because I had gazillion dollars but because I had another job, which was giving me enough to live comfortably (the flight attendant thing) so I didn’t need the business to be existing solely to make money. Nonetheless, the business had its cost in just existing and operating so we had to charge people and make it grow so it can cover not only the cost but resources to grow and expand, which in turn helped more people and we were able to pay ourselves and I was able to eventually retire from the flight attendant job. 

I like being in this place where I can offer services or goods because I’d like to enjoy life and nourish myself, my family, friends and more, and not because it’s a necessity for survival. It certainly takes some time to initially get to that place but I believe it is definitely more sustainable and encourages personal enrichment, connection and growth.

Sam’s Home Bakery is my brand new business. This time, I am not at an establishment but at home and not marketing my business aside from the simple “word of month”. I am only making sourdough bread because that is what I like and it is very simple yet versatile. Sourdough bread has been around thousands of years in Europe and it is considered “health food” as it requires a long fermentation period, which produces lactobacillus and acetic acid. These good bacteria helps with digestion of food and absorption of nutrients, and help keep blood sugar levels stable. Apparently, I like old traditional things (like acupuncture, yoga, and traditional fermented foods) because I believe they have been around for that many years for very good reasons and they’re not going to disappear anytime soon. I like learning and experiencing the value of slowness (fast food, fast medicine vs slow food and slow medicine).

After all, why are we in such a hurry all the time, anyway? 

I named my sourdough seed or starter “Sambear” as she was my favorite pet that I ever had the pleasure of taking care of. Sourdough starter is like taking care of your pet or plants because it takes constant feeding, love and attention. Until I recently started getting into the making of sourdough, I did not realize how much energy and time it takes to make a very good loaf of sourdough bread. No wonder, most commercialized bakeries do not offer it and that is true here in Japan as well as in the U.S.

Sourdough making is not easy. It takes about 10-14 days to cultivate a good starter (just by combining flour and water and keep feeding it daily or twice a day) then once you have a good starter, it takes at least 2 nights preparation to bake a loaf on the 3rd morning. It also varies depending on where you are esp. the temperature, seasons, climate and your daily schedule as you just have to learn to work around other activities during the day.

I’m not sure how long I will keep Sam’s Bakery going or where it will take me. But that does not matter. 

What matters most is that this tiny home business will help us feel connected, nourished, inspired and satisfied in our bellies as well as in our hearts.