Present Moment 「いま」を追求する

It has been 2 weeks since I have written a blog. I have intended to write last week but no inspiration came. My initial intention was to write one blog or more a week and post at least one weekly. I hate to break my intention or set goal but I simply did not feel inspired to write about anything. I am feeling a bit more inspired to write about something now. I left the title blank at first since I just wanted to “doodle” and see what would come thru.

I think what I have been contemplating the most in the last few weeks is about present moment. It’s ironic and interesting that present moment is called “present” because it is truly a gift. Every moment is a gift. My mantra has been “this is it, this is all I have, right now”. When this moment passes it becomes a past. I look up what the word “past” means and it says “having existed in a time before the present : from, done, or used in an earlier time. —used to refer to a time that has gone by recently. —used to say what someone or something was in the past“. Then I looked up the word existence and time and started going down the rabbit hole. But is past really done and behind us?

It is funny, we are mostly always thinking about either past or future. Why is it that we don’t want to embrace the present right in front of us? What are we afraid of in the present moment? I get that we may be afraid of repeating the mistakes from the past or of endless possibilities or lack thereof that exists (in the mind) in the future. When I look at my two toddler children, they remind me that we were once not at all afraid to be in the present moment. They are the experts at being in the present moment.

When we can all learn to be back in the present moment, all suffering seems to stop. Just like babies and toddlers, people who have decreasing amounts of memories like those with dementia, seem to suffer much less. I think we’re afraid of being in the present mostly because of the thoughts that arise, which tend to be painful and negative, which we tend to cling to. We pick up the phone, eat, drink, or do something that would distract ourselves from the feelings we get from thinking those thoughts. I know I catch myself doing one or more of those things myself time to time.

I like words like “surrender” and “acceptance”. In a way, those two words are like each side of a coin. Being in the present moment requires that we surrender the past and accept what may come in the future. The only caviar is that we need to remind ourselves to do this moment to moment, when we catch ourselves wanting to escape from our present thoughts. Only then we can be free from suffering or regret and enjoy the true gift of the present moment. This truly is and will always be my biggest mission in life.



私たち人間って面白いことに常に過去か未来のことを考えている。じゃあなぜ目の前にある「いま」を抱擁したくないのか?昔の失敗を繰り返したくない、又は未来の可能性か、可能性のなさを(頭で考える) 恐れるのはわかる。でも自分の1歳半の子供を見てると思う。私たちも一度は「いま」を恐れてはいなかったころがあった。子供は今の瞬間と上手に向き合うエキスパートだ。


私が最近好きな言葉に「surrender 降参」それと「acceptance 受け入れ」がある。この二つの言葉はある意味では同じコインの裏表であると言える。「いま」と向き合うことは過去に降参し、未来を受け入れることによって可能になる。これは簡単なことでは決してない。その瞬間瞬間で自分に向き合って、一体なぜ自分はこの行動、発言をしようとしているのかを追跡する。その理由に降参またはそれをすべて受け入れる(納得するかしないかは別にして)ことによって私たちは悩みや後悔から解放され、その時初めて「いま」と上手に向き合うことが可能になる。これこそが現在そしてこれから先の最大の人生の課題だ。