Parallel World (パラレルワールド)

The more I know… the more I don’t know is my favorite parable. It is just so damn true! I know there are evil forces on this planet like what you see in some videos about this plandemic but I also wonder why? Why are there these evil forces being put forth thru these people?

I think it is awakening in more people how powerful we truly are; to choose and to create in our own mind and “reality” what we want in life because it really all starts from our thoughts.

Do we want to trust others’ voices or thoughts or do we want to “re-learn or re-member” to trust our own? I think through our spiritual practices, we can begin to trust our own voices more and more.

I know in my lifetime, the world will look totally different than the one I grew up in. But I need to consciously choose and create the version of the world I will want to live in. I think it will be more apparent soon people who are choosing to create their own world from the ones who aren’t and just going along with what others want them to do or be. Hence, there will be multiple parallel worlds from each person’s perspective.

Choosing and creating consciously is definitely not an easy task and just with anything, we have to train our muscle for it by being conscious and noticing our thought and behavioral patterns and aim to redirect them.

Let’s learn to trust our gut and stop blaming others for the choices you have made. No one is forcing you to do or be anything, you’re choosing it yourself.







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