Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True is a Japanese pop music band who existed since I was 14 or 15, a while back. DCT was a band that carried me through many moments of my life. I started listening to them as a teenager full of hopes and dreams and on my way to finding the “love” in my life. Sure, I listened to other music and groups but DCT was the one that I listened to when I was happy, sad, bored, and whenever I needed someone to lift me up. I would listen to them while biking, working out at the gym and swimming (in my head that is). DCT is still the band I listen after 40 some years when I walk around town in Osaka. Today, they gave me an inspiration to write about them and my dreams while walking on a sunny, breezy, gorgeous Saturday morning. (ドリームズカムトゥルーは私が14か15歳ごろから存在する日本の人気のポップバンド。ドリカムは人生のいろんな出来事が起こる中私を支えてくれたバンド。青年になる頃の私、夢や希望をもつ自分、恋をし始めていたころの私を支えてくれた。他にも何人かのミュージックを聴いていたが、ハッピーな時、悲しい時、ひまな時、そして誰かに励ましを求めていた時いつも聴くのはドリカム。歩くとき、自転車を乗る時、走るとき、そして泳いでいる時も(頭の中で)流れてくるのはドリカム。出会ってから40年以上たった今も大阪の街を歩く時に聴くのはドリカム。晴れた、暖かく、そして涼しい風の穏やかに吹く今日、土曜の朝にインスピレーションをくれたドリカム。そしてこのブログを書くことにした。)

Dreams Come True has not just been the name of my favorite music band but it has been the “theme” of my life. I have been aware that dreams do in fact come true in real physical life because it has happened to myself again and again. Dream of going to America, dream of traveling the world, dream of becoming a mom of twins…. to say the least! Those may be the “impossible dreams” for some, but because these and other less significant dreams have pretty much ALL come true, I am a true believer now in DCT. I keep dreaming the “impossible dreams” still knowing that they or something better will come true. (ドリカムは自分の大好きなバンドの名前なだけでなく、私の人生の「テーマ」になっていた。

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