Visit to As One Network (アズワンネットワークを訪問して)

Over 3 days during the “Golden Week” in Japan, we, as a family, visited and toured an intentional community/eco village called As One Network in Suzuka-city of Mie Prefecture. As One Network started its foundational activities including SCIENZ (Scientific Investigation of Essential Nature plus ZERO) School  in 2000 and during the last 22 years, the network has created a lunch box business, farming, research group, SCIENZ Academy, connected with and expanded to Brazil and Korea. It has registered and offer courses as GEN (Global Ecovillage Network) since 2014. 

What distinguishes this community from many others that I’m aware of from research is definitely the integration of SCIENZ method. The community members are first encouraged (not required, I think) to go thru the program at their pace and learn to investigate and discover their own essential nature constantly. From this intention, they interact and communicate with others who are also interested in doing the same.  While meeting many of the community members, it was very apparent that they are always processing their thought in the moment to see if it is aligned with their essential nature or zero before verbalizing it. 

I can’t remember when I became interested in becoming an integral part of a community. I have always felt that I belonged to a community or several communities, be it a family I was born into, neighborhood, several families that I moved into (as a student living with a few different host families, and during the first marriage with my then husband’s family), and as a student at various schools and employee at various jobs. 

I became more interested in consciously and intentionally creating my own community of “like-minded people” or of people with similar values when I opened an acupuncture clinic and a yoga studio.  While I always enjoyed connecting with people with different values and backgrounds, when it came to living and interacting with people on the more daily, frequent basis, I wanted to be with and around those with very similar core value systems. It just felt much easier, fun, comfortable and harmonious that way. During the last 4 years living in Texas, Victor and I also found a spiritual community called Agape, where we connected with many people with similar value systems. 

What As One Network community offered us was this type of intentional community with similar value systems. It just felt good to connect with people whose values are based on the exploration of essential human nature. I truly believe and realize that we are living on this planet to have variety of physical experiences in order to uncover or discover our true spiritual nature that we have been gifted and been born with. As we discover our true essential spiritual nature and align with it, we always feel harmonious and peaceful inside our hearts. 

The name “As One” comes from John Lennon’s song, Imagine, the last line “the world will live AS ONE”. 

The world peace and living as one can not be achieved unless we are living in peace, harmonious, at ease, and as one inside of each of us. This community is created with people who are working, studying and exploring what our true essential nature (Zero) is. How can we be aligned with our own Zero and live As One with others? At SCIENZ School and with its programs, each person is first responsible for their own discovery of Zero and then learn to interact with others from the place of this alignment. This community is essentially a kind of lab experiment to plant the seed of individual and collective awareness and possibility in people to live life As One planetary community. 

Japan is a land of heavy group consciousness and conformity. The phrase “a nail that sticks out gets pounded” perfectly and literally describes the pervasive culture. As I was growing up in Japan, it became more and more uncomfortable for me to conform to these collective behaviors and rules and I was a minor rebel by high school. But luckily for me, I was able to create an opportunity to move to the U.S. at 17 where I felt that I would be much more free and not have to conform to things that did not make much sense to me. Over the next 30 years, I lived pretty much “cage-free”, where I was able to free flow to where I felt most inspirational, joyful and fun without the resistance from others and society at large. 

Japan is definitely not an easy place to live cage-free just yet. But I also know that there are many good values one can learn only from being here such as respect for each other, things, kindness, safety, cleanliness, etc etc. I realize that cultivating our children in Japan is optional. But for now, As One is the type of community in which I would like to experience growth for myself and for our children where they can learn and grow in the home-schooling type environment and in a small group setting with no set curriculum. What’s more important is that they are with the care takers who are like family members who are also discovering their essential nature – because I know that kids can learn more freely what and when they want to learn from their own perspective when there is no have-to’s, should’s or requirements placed upon them. 

I will be going back to the community to attend their one week seminar/workshops next month. Looking forward to learning, discovering myself and connecting more with the community! 

ゴールデンウィークの3日間、私たち家族は、三重県鈴鹿市にあるアズワンネットワークというインテンショナルコミュニティ/エコビレッジを訪問し、見学してきました。アズワンネットワークは、2000年にSCIENZ(Scientific Investigation of Essential Nature plus ZERO)スクールなどの基礎活動を開始し、この22年間で、弁当屋さん、農業、研究グループ、SCIENZアカデミー、ブラジルや韓国との接続と拡大を実現しています。2014年からはGEN(Global Ecovillage Network)として登録し、講座を開催しています。

私が知る限り、このコミュニティが他の多くのコミュニティと異なるのは、間違いなくSCIENZメソッドを統合している点です。コミュニティメンバーはまず、自分のペースでプログラムを進め、自分自身の本質を常に探究し、発見することを学びます(必須ではないと思います)。そして、その意図のもとに、同じようなことに関心を持つ人たちと交流し、コミュニケーションをとっていくのです。 訪問中多くのコミュニティの方々とお会いする中で、彼らは常に自分の思考が自分の本質と合致しているか、ゼロかどうかを瞬時に判断し、言語化していることがとてもよく感じられました。


そして、鍼灸院とヨガスタジオを開業したのをきっかけに、「同じ志を持つ人たち」「同じ価値観を持つ人たち」のコミュニティを意識的・意図的に作ることに興味を持つようになりました。 もともと、異なる価値観や背景を持つ人たちとつながることは好きでしたが、日常的に人と接するとなると、同じような価値観を持つ人たちと一緒に暮らしたい、一緒にいたいと思うようになったのです。その方がずっと簡単で、楽しくて、快適で、調和がとれていると感じたからです。テキサスでの最後の4年間、ビクターと私はアガペというスピリチュアルコミュニティにも出会い、そこで同じような価値観を持つ多くの人たちとつながりました。


As Oneという名前は、ジョン・レノンの歌「イマジン」の最後の一節「the world will live AS ONE」に由来しています。





Parallel World (パラレルワールド)

The more I know… the more I don’t know is my favorite parable. It is just so damn true! I know there are evil forces on this planet like what you see in some videos about this plandemic but I also wonder why? Why are there these evil forces being put forth thru these people?

I think it is awakening in more people how powerful we truly are; to choose and to create in our own mind and “reality” what we want in life because it really all starts from our thoughts.

Do we want to trust others’ voices or thoughts or do we want to “re-learn or re-member” to trust our own? I think through our spiritual practices, we can begin to trust our own voices more and more.

I know in my lifetime, the world will look totally different than the one I grew up in. But I need to consciously choose and create the version of the world I will want to live in. I think it will be more apparent soon people who are choosing to create their own world from the ones who aren’t and just going along with what others want them to do or be. Hence, there will be multiple parallel worlds from each person’s perspective.

Choosing and creating consciously is definitely not an easy task and just with anything, we have to train our muscle for it by being conscious and noticing our thought and behavioral patterns and aim to redirect them.

Let’s learn to trust our gut and stop blaming others for the choices you have made. No one is forcing you to do or be anything, you’re choosing it yourself.







『血縁を超える自給自足の大家族』を読んで(Review of a Japanese Book “A Large Self-Sufficient Family That Transcends Blood Relations”)




















My first impression was that the Konohana family is exactly the kind of utopian world I’ve been looking for for a long time.

I can see and feel that we are now approaching the climax of a generation that has been defined by separation from one another and isolation from nature for various reasons.

On the one hand, I feel sadness and despair, but on the other hand, my optimistic self can also sense the possibility that this will become fertilizer for the birth of a world like the beautiful lotus flower.

Humanity exists in and depends on the universe, and the universe exists in each and every one of us.

People are a part of nature, and just as nature exists in a cycle of mutual help, humans cannot live without dependence, cooperation, and collaboration with each other and with nature. 

Japan is an economically advanced country. Yet, many people are suffering from loneliness, depression, and suicide.

Because Japan is an advanced country, the focus is still on the material society, and the contradictions and differences in spirit, or “Cognitive Dissonance”, are being solved by material and temporary liberation, and it is gradually becoming unsustainable.

In 1994, the Konohana family began living together as a group in Japan, at the foot of the beautiful Mt. Fuji. 

The small community that came together as farmers now consists of nearly 100 people living together, focusing on organic farming based on carbon cycle agriculture. The farmland is rented from a neighboring property that has fallen into disrepair and is no longer in use.

What sets the Konohana family apart from other ecovillages, intentional and spiritual communities that I know of, to a lesser extent, is the nightly family meeting.

In this meeting, they discuss daily events, work, etc., and face and solve the mental distortions and conflicts that arise from the events of their life together with love and encouragement.

In an environment where there are no secrets and no hierarchy, the members open up to each other and gradually refine their skills.

In my mind, this is exactly the kind of discipline we should be practicing every day. 

I myself feel the importance and difficulty of communication with my family and people around me every day.

The main cause of this difficulty is how we talk to ourselves within.

I believe that if we become aware of this as soon as possible and start the process of making positive changes in ourselves, we will be able to communicate with others from a place of love.

I believe that improving and cleaning our mind starts from there, within ourselves.

In the Konohana family, people live together based on self introspection and soul growth while incorporating various methods in their daily lives.

Concepts such as the Konohana family have been attracting a lot of attention in the past 10-15 years, but I think this model community is going to take off at a much faster pace around the world.

My biggest hope is that I will be able to contribute and be a part of it in some way.

Getting out of the matrix

Last week, there was a huge fire in a business building, minutes from where I live.

25 people died. 

The man who allegedly started the fire was one of the patients of this mental health clinic, where the patients were working on merging back into the society. (Or the Matrix)

Humanity is going through a metamorphosis (like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly) and I believe this incident was a perfect symbol of what is currently happening. 

Caterpillars can not exist as caterpillars forever. 

They have to first come out of their bodies and transform themselves into beautiful butterflies. 

I grew up in Japan in the 70’s and 80’s where the Matrix was getting ingrained in our lives deeper and deeper. 

It was peaceful enough but I felt a strong calling to leave the society and move to the US where it appeared much more free and people did not seem to expect you to conform and be a certain way. 

I was right. Or at the least, I did not feel the pressure to get a degree, or work for a big company (both of which I did end up doing because I wanted to and not because of some external pressure from others, i.e., my parents).

In a way, when I left Japan, I started my metamorphosis and turned into a butterfly. 

30 years later, I came back to Japan during the plandemic and there was no way that I was going back to the Matrix as a caterpillar. 

Transformational process is not easy. 

But the alternative is much harder and that is becoming more and more apparent now in this new world. 

I truly believe now that these young people who perished in the fire had decided to take the Red Pill. 

And they have now started their transformation.
Their death had meaning. 

It all starts from a decision. 

Then, question everything including your own beliefs. 

And then, see where it takes you. 

p.s. I was inspired to write this blog after I watched Matrix Resurrections and then listened to Ralph Smart this morning



























P.S. このブログはマトリックス4を最近観て、ラルフスマートの動画を今朝観て書くインスピレーションが湧いた。


What does it mean to choose or to have a choice? 

In recent time, It is pretty obvious that we are more than our body and mind. 
We are spirit or soul “being” humans in a material world. 

So who is it that is actually doing the choosing????
I think the answer is, the “I” or the soul who is being human.

The soul chose to be human at this time and space.
The soul chooses to die when it is time.

Our soul is what we call god or source and it is love. 
All it wants to do is to love because it is love. 
Therefore, when we choose out of love, it feels good because we are in alignment with who we truly are.

We make thousands of choices every single day. 
Are we choosing out of love?

If we want to create the world that we wish to live in, then choose out of love. 

It works every single time. I promise. 










Sam’s Home Bakery (サムズホームベーカリー)

In the last several years, I have been asking this question repeatedly;

“If I have a gazillion dollars and I don’t ever have to work for money, what would I want to do?” 

My opening the business of Health and Wellness offering acupuncture and yoga was definitely born out of this same question. 

Not because I had gazillion dollars but because I had another job, which was giving me enough to live comfortably (the flight attendant thing) so I didn’t need the business to be existing solely to make money. Nonetheless, the business had its cost in just existing and operating so we had to charge people and make it grow so it can cover not only the cost but resources to grow and expand, which in turn helped more people and we were able to pay ourselves and I was able to eventually retire from the flight attendant job. 

I like being in this place where I can offer services or goods because I’d like to enjoy life and nourish myself, my family, friends and more, and not because it’s a necessity for survival. It certainly takes some time to initially get to that place but I believe it is definitely more sustainable and encourages personal enrichment, connection and growth.

Sam’s Home Bakery is my brand new business. This time, I am not at an establishment but at home and not marketing my business aside from the simple “word of month”. I am only making sourdough bread because that is what I like and it is very simple yet versatile. Sourdough bread has been around thousands of years in Europe and it is considered “health food” as it requires a long fermentation period, which produces lactobacillus and acetic acid. These good bacteria helps with digestion of food and absorption of nutrients, and help keep blood sugar levels stable. Apparently, I like old traditional things (like acupuncture, yoga, and traditional fermented foods) because I believe they have been around for that many years for very good reasons and they’re not going to disappear anytime soon. I like learning and experiencing the value of slowness (fast food, fast medicine vs slow food and slow medicine).

After all, why are we in such a hurry all the time, anyway? 

I named my sourdough seed or starter “Sambear” as she was my favorite pet that I ever had the pleasure of taking care of. Sourdough starter is like taking care of your pet or plants because it takes constant feeding, love and attention. Until I recently started getting into the making of sourdough, I did not realize how much energy and time it takes to make a very good loaf of sourdough bread. No wonder, most commercialized bakeries do not offer it and that is true here in Japan as well as in the U.S.

Sourdough making is not easy. It takes about 10-14 days to cultivate a good starter (just by combining flour and water and keep feeding it daily or twice a day) then once you have a good starter, it takes at least 2 nights preparation to bake a loaf on the 3rd morning. It also varies depending on where you are esp. the temperature, seasons, climate and your daily schedule as you just have to learn to work around other activities during the day.

I’m not sure how long I will keep Sam’s Bakery going or where it will take me. But that does not matter. 

What matters most is that this tiny home business will help us feel connected, nourished, inspired and satisfied in our bellies as well as in our hearts.











We Can Be and Do Anything We want (なりたい人、やりたい事が必ずできる)

When we ask our children, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” That is truly a loaded question. Why is it that we often assume that they must have desire to BE someone other than themselves? Can “being” just about being who they really are, which is loving, kind, energetic, fun, and powerful?

Being is so mixed up with our identity of “do-er”, which highlights the action you’re taking. Have you heard the saying, “HOW you do anything is HOW you do EVERYTHING”? If you’re a kind person, you’re kind when you’re doing the dishes, talking to someone, walking the dog, or driving.

In other words, what we really want to be is to focus on the intention of HOW you want to be, and then, what you DO really doesn’t matter. Because when it’s all said and done, all that matters is HOW you are when you’re doing what you’re doing, and how you make OTHERS FEEL, and what YOU FEEL that we remember the most. What you DO is really for the audience and labeling but HOW you do what you do reflects on who you truly are as a human BEING.

Over almost half a century that I have lived, I actively and consciously did many many “things”. I swam, I played music, learned, competed, went to school, leaned some more, became a “waiter”, “trainer”, “flight attender” “counselor”, “healer”, “teacher”, “yogi/meditator”, “entrepreneur”, “mother”, and most recently, a ”pottery maker”, and “baker”. Some of the things I did, I made money doing it, some I didn’t. But my point is, you can do anything you want and be who you want to be while doing it.

The best part about this is that there is no limit to all of this. If there is limit, it is mostly self-induced.

Life is truly about experiencing each moment of “intentionally being while doing” whatever and that is all there is to it.








Present Moment 「いま」を追求する

It has been 2 weeks since I have written a blog. I have intended to write last week but no inspiration came. My initial intention was to write one blog or more a week and post at least one weekly. I hate to break my intention or set goal but I simply did not feel inspired to write about anything. I am feeling a bit more inspired to write about something now. I left the title blank at first since I just wanted to “doodle” and see what would come thru.

I think what I have been contemplating the most in the last few weeks is about present moment. It’s ironic and interesting that present moment is called “present” because it is truly a gift. Every moment is a gift. My mantra has been “this is it, this is all I have, right now”. When this moment passes it becomes a past. I look up what the word “past” means and it says “having existed in a time before the present : from, done, or used in an earlier time. —used to refer to a time that has gone by recently. —used to say what someone or something was in the past“. Then I looked up the word existence and time and started going down the rabbit hole. But is past really done and behind us?

It is funny, we are mostly always thinking about either past or future. Why is it that we don’t want to embrace the present right in front of us? What are we afraid of in the present moment? I get that we may be afraid of repeating the mistakes from the past or of endless possibilities or lack thereof that exists (in the mind) in the future. When I look at my two toddler children, they remind me that we were once not at all afraid to be in the present moment. They are the experts at being in the present moment.

When we can all learn to be back in the present moment, all suffering seems to stop. Just like babies and toddlers, people who have decreasing amounts of memories like those with dementia, seem to suffer much less. I think we’re afraid of being in the present mostly because of the thoughts that arise, which tend to be painful and negative, which we tend to cling to. We pick up the phone, eat, drink, or do something that would distract ourselves from the feelings we get from thinking those thoughts. I know I catch myself doing one or more of those things myself time to time.

I like words like “surrender” and “acceptance”. In a way, those two words are like each side of a coin. Being in the present moment requires that we surrender the past and accept what may come in the future. The only caviar is that we need to remind ourselves to do this moment to moment, when we catch ourselves wanting to escape from our present thoughts. Only then we can be free from suffering or regret and enjoy the true gift of the present moment. This truly is and will always be my biggest mission in life.



私たち人間って面白いことに常に過去か未来のことを考えている。じゃあなぜ目の前にある「いま」を抱擁したくないのか?昔の失敗を繰り返したくない、又は未来の可能性か、可能性のなさを(頭で考える) 恐れるのはわかる。でも自分の1歳半の子供を見てると思う。私たちも一度は「いま」を恐れてはいなかったころがあった。子供は今の瞬間と上手に向き合うエキスパートだ。


私が最近好きな言葉に「surrender 降参」それと「acceptance 受け入れ」がある。この二つの言葉はある意味では同じコインの裏表であると言える。「いま」と向き合うことは過去に降参し、未来を受け入れることによって可能になる。これは簡単なことでは決してない。その瞬間瞬間で自分に向き合って、一体なぜ自分はこの行動、発言をしようとしているのかを追跡する。その理由に降参またはそれをすべて受け入れる(納得するかしないかは別にして)ことによって私たちは悩みや後悔から解放され、その時初めて「いま」と上手に向き合うことが可能になる。これこそが現在そしてこれから先の最大の人生の課題だ。

Day 1 at Day Care

I came home to a quiet house and I realized I didn’t have to whisper to Victor. Kids were not home or taking a nap. Just a little while ago, we dropped the kiddos off at a day care center for the very first time. This is a huge milestone for us and it deserved to be written about here in my diary blog.

Our twins have been the very center of our lives for the past 19 plus months every single moment of every single day. Our lives have changed drastically is an understatement. Many of us experience parenthood and it is very special to all of us in one way or another. For us, it was important that we raised them with extended family, so we have literally picked up and left the country and moved to another to be closer to my family. These kids have brought so much joy to all of our lives that are involved, since the moment they made their appearance. I feel overwhelmed with so much appreciation and joy everyday, words can’t begin to describe these emotions.

Parenthood is a strange thing for me. I knew that I was the one who would grow and expand as a spiritual human being from this experience and so far, it’s definitely exceeding my expectations. I know these kids came with their own agenda and expectations also and when mixing it up with the environment they’re in, they’re shaping their own set of personalities or karma. Karma is an interesting concept – I am currently reading a book about it written by Sadhguru, more on that at a later time.

Well, Day 1 came and went. They didn’t cry when we dropped them off and seemed happy and excited to see us back when we picked them up merely 3 hours later. They seem to handle new people and places really well because we have already exposed them to a lot of people and taken them to so many different places from the very beginning of their short lives. It is time for us to start getting used to not having them around all the time and figuring out what’s next to do.

I am definitely getting really excited about the new possibilities.






Grocery Shopping is FUN (食料ショッピングは楽しい)

I LOVE Grocery Shopping in Japan. In the last several weeks, I have checked out 9-10 stores in the neighborhood, all of which located within a short walking or biking distance. I have not been to a big grocery chain like Aeon yet, but I have not needed to as everything I need is pretty much available in most small to medium size local stores. Each store seems to have slightly different selections and pricing. But overall, fresh produce, eggs and fish are much less expensive than what I was used to in the US. Coming from Hawaii most recently, everything is at least 50% or less than what I was paying in Honolulu.


These fresh bento with fish, veggies and rice for $4each! (この美味しそうなお弁当が398円!)

Most grocery stores offer fresh sushi and bento (lunch box) choices that are so delicious, nutritious and inexpensive that if I was living by myself, I would be very tempted to indulge in most everyday.


Convenient stores are literally everywhere! (日本はコンビニ帝国というくらいどこにでもある)

Convenient stores offer many choices for bentos, noodles, salads, breads, and beverages along with some fresh produce, and all the little amenities you may just need at 6 am or even midnight as most of them are open 24/7. According to Google Map, there are 30 plus 7-elevens, 30 plus FamilyMarts and 20 plus Lawsons in the 1 mile radius of our home😳 That means there is a convenient store or two located on the corners of each block facing main roads. Talk about convenience!


Sweets like Jewelry Museum in Department Stores (デパートのスイーツ売り場は宝石の美術館のよう)

The real fun is had when you go to department stores. Most major department stores in the city have their “specialty food vendors” in the basement floors. I love going to the floor with different sweets and desserts. Cakes, candies, cookies, crackers, ice cream, pies, jellos, gummies, Japanese sweets and many others that look way too pretty to eat and a bit pricy are all there. I’d say these are mostly purchased as gifts for when you visit someone, special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, or maybe when you want to thank someone for something or doing a favor. When you walk thru these isles and look at their displays, it feels like you’re walking through an art or jewelry museum. This is definitely a must-experience while you’re in Japan.